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3D Printing in Education

3D printing is making waves in education. Teachers, lecturers and other education professionals are no longer restricted in how they illustrate hard-to-grasp concepts, instead having the opportunity to present real-life representations of objects for students to hold.

We’ve spoken to many members of staff from both primary and secondary schools, as well as colleges and universities, about ways to incorporate 3D printing into education, and we’re seeing more interest than ever as educators realise the opportunities presented by this exciting platform.

Speak to a member of the King of Servers team today about 3D printing in education.

Revolutionise the learning experience

3D printing possesses a number of benefits for almost every subject within a curriculum, offering a better way for students who may have a difficult time envisioning equations, graphs and complex mathematical models through to tangible representations.

Geography and geology students can also get to grips with formations on a scale that is not presentable through 2-dimensional images, while history classes can print 3D replicas of artifacts and art students can easily bring their designs to life.

Preparing pupils for future challenges

Improving 3D printing skills in school and university allows students to hold their ideas in real space, like engineers and scientists do. Not only this, they have the chance to learn about the technology they’ll encounter in their career.

Benefits of 3D printing in education

By purchasing one or more 3D printers for your school, college or university, you are:

  • Allowing students to become the inventors
  • Engaging potentially reluctant learners
  • Encouraging creativity and innovation
  • Introducing a cost-effective way of learning through printing your own materials
  • Creating a hands on learning experience
  • Improving students’ knowledge retention rates through promoting a ‘doing’ environment
  • Improving your school’s ICT credentials in Ofsted inspections
  • Enhancing learning methods
  • Adding to the growing online community of 3D printers

Uses for 3D printing in education

Listed below are just some of the other ways 3D printing can be used in education.

  • Architecture students can print out 3D models of designs
  • Cookery students can create molds for food items
  • Chemistry students can print out 3D models of molecules
  • Biology students can print out cells, organs and other critical biological artifacts
  • Engineering design students can print out prototypes

FAQs for 3D printing in education

Introducing 3D printing into learning environments can help you to overcome a number of challenges. We’ve compiled some top FAQs to help explain some of the challenges you may face, and how they can be overcome:

What funding is available?

The increasing accessibility of this technology means that 3D printers are becoming increasingly affordable. There are also funding options available which you can read more about in the following places:

What support is required for those using 3D printers?

The most successful schools in a recent Department for Education report were those that had practical and financial support from senior management. These managers also built strong teams of talented individuals who could impart their knowledge to pupils, while also allowing teachers to focus on learning aims.

How long might it take for teachers to adopt the technology?

Teachers can take a few months to become familiar enough with the technology to use it successfully and confidently in the classroom. However, those with particular enthusiasm for the project, or those who underwent training, found it much easier to introduce 3D printing to the curriculum.

King of Servers’ team of 3D printing experts are on hand to offer support with any of the challenges presented by this technology.

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