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Why Choose Us? You’ll see...

At King of Servers we know that getting the right products at the right price backed by good service is essential for the success of your business.

Our passion for what we do is clear, and we are also fiercely passionate about ensuring you get the products you require, when you require them. Unfortunately, a lot of our competitors do not share this passion - and this is something that really gets our goat.

Time and time again we speak to customers who have endured prolonged delays in their supply chain, or waited weeks longer than they expected for an essential piece of equipment due to companies promising the world and failing to deliver. Remember, just because a company says they have a product in stock, it does not necessarily mean they do - and this is something that can cause serious issues further down the line.

So, what makes us different from the others? We thought you’d never ask...

And we win awards too, come and have a look on our dedicated awards page
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If we say we’ve got it, we’ve got it 

Ever looked on a website and seen the ‘in stock’ icon, only to later learn it wasn’t available? Thought so. Unfortunately, this type of behaviour is rife in our industry. Yes, the company you are buying from may be part of a supply chain, but if their supplier hasn’t got a piece of kit, you could be left playing the waiting game.

At King of Servers, when we say it’s here, it’s here. Our warehouse holds £6 million worth of physical stock at all times, guaranteeing those all-important shorter lead times.

Not sure how to separate stockists from stock advertisers? Ask for product serial numbers; anyone holding physical stock should be able to provide these up front.

“Quick response, swift delivery. Definitely will place more orders in the future,” - Feefo Independent Review

We let our brands do the talking

King of Servers is proud to stock a range of equipment from the biggest brands in IT, and we are pleased to be an Authorised Dell and Microsoft Partner. Whatever your company’s needs, we can help to ensure you get the best quality products from the highest quality brands.
Our featured brands are:


In terms of our services, we are confident enough to let our brands do the talking...

“Good, honest and quick replies to questions” - Feefo Independent Review

Hard to find? Don’t sweat it

You may be looking for a particularly rare part for your server or a network switch that hasn’t been around for some time, and are worried you may never find it. Again, while a different company may make lots of empty promises, we, thanks to our extensive supplier network, can often find end-of-life or obsolete parts, so if you’re struggling to source kit with your usual suppliers, why not give King of Servers a try?.

"Product as described and arrived well packed and in perfect condition and within 24 hours"
- Feefo Independent Review

Our Customer Service Speaks Volumes

No matter how many years you’ve worked in IT, there are times you will still need guidance before making a purchase. We’ve seen our competitors offer minimal customer service time and time again, but we’re dedicated to being different.

At King of Servers, we are so much more than a box-shifting business, we want happy customers who come back to us whatever their IT needs. So, our team is with you every step of the way, over the phone, via email or through our online chat function. Don’t believe us? Try it! 

If you need further proof, take a look at our case studies. We’ve worked with a number of big names, providing support and advice for some pretty big projects - and we could do the same for you.

Going the extra mile … and then some

Yes, you’ve found the parts you want and ordered them, but have you considered the assembly? We’re pleased to confirm that we offer a complementary build for our customers, meaning your solution will arrive preassembled and pre-tested, saving you valuable time and hassle and reducing the risk of DOAs.

“King of Servers was happy to help, offering unbeatable levels of customer service and proving that everyone is a priority, regardless of business size.”
- Promocloud.com

We won’t be beaten on price

We know it can be all too tempting to opt for the product that looks the cheapest and will likely get the job done. However, this isn’t always the case. By opting for the cheapest product on our competitors’ websites, you could find yourself waiting long periods for delivery of an out of region product with suspect warranty cover.

Through our Price Match Challenge, we are confident you will get the best like for like deal for the products you need. If you find a piece of kit cheaper anywhere else, don’t sweat it - we’ll match it.

“King of Servers was one of only a few places where we could purchase Prowise from physical stock.”
- Abertay University

Reliability guaranteed - full warranties

We guarantee that every new product we sell comes complete with the full manufacturer warranty, ensuring you get the best quality products for your IT requirements. Unlike some of our competitors, we will never supply dodgy out of region goods with suspect warranties. Buy from King of Servers to avoid support headaches down the line.

“The team showed a great willingness to co-operate with our needs. Competitive prices & excellent customer service have kept us coming back to King of Servers.”
- Holovis

Read our reviews

We can brag about our services all we want, but if you want an impartial opinion, we can boast about those too! Take a look at our impressive Feefo reviews here.

Or, if you want to put our services to the test, feel free to get in touch with any questions about your IT requirements. We’re easy to contact, simply give us a call on 0330 124 1245, or head to our website and chat to us live online.

“We received a great level of help and guidance from their staff, and would definitely buy from them again. We would certainly recommend buying from them to others.”
- Ilford County High School