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At King of Servers, we’re pleased to be adding to our ever-increasing product catalogue with a range of 3D printers from leading brand 3DGence. Ideal for use across a range of sectors, these innovative products give you the power required to turn your ideas into something tangible.

Our team of IT specialists is here to help if you want to discuss how 3D printing can help your business to progress, or if you already use this technology, we can help you to make the next step. Contact us today.

About 3DGence

Whether you’re a beginner, a pro or a medical specialist, 3DGence has something for everybody. This innovative range of products has been explored in further detail below.

3DGence ONE

The 3DGence ONE 3D printer gives businesses the freedom required to materialise projects and ideas. Using fused deposition modelling (FDM) technology, the device works with most of the filaments available on the market.

The 3DGence ONE is ideal for creating prototypes, low volume manufacturing, producing molds and creating models.

Among the many desirable features offered by the 3DGence ONE are:

Exchangeable hotends

This model is equipped with a patented hotend, together with its quick replacement PUSH module. It allows for a quick hotend exchange, ensuring ease when swapping a printing filament or changing a nozzle.


3DGence ONE examines its heatbed in 500 different spots using the nozzle tip - this process is called autocalibration and is used to detect any possible surface irregularities. Then, it uses the gathered data to perform an autocompensation, guaranteeing the same nozzle-to-table distance at all points of the print.

Ceramic heatbed

This handy feature makes printouts stick without the need for an additional solution. The printouts are easy to remove and their bottom surface has a natural-looking texture.

Dedicated electronics

3DGence Titanium has two levels of thermal protection of the hotend and three levels of thermal protection of the heatbed. Electronics are additionally equipped with circuit and overload protection.

3DGence Industry - for professionals

This fully-featured, flexible and easy-to-use professional 3D printer is exclusively designed for those who value reliable prototyping in a wide range of thermoplastics.

Key features include:

Revolver hotend

Offers precision, reliability and decreased print time.


NFC reader

Automatically detects and applies optimal working conditions for any given certified material.


Filament chamber

Offers controlled humidity for loaded materials, regardless of the printer’s operational status.


Smart Material Manager

Offering optimal printing conditions through an intelligent environment control system.


Material feed control

Extruder mounted encoder system that precisely monitors material feed during the printer process.



Control system monitoring available material on both loaded spools.



Its dedicated material base ensures perfect print quality and functionality of printed prototypes.



Designed especially for use in medical environments, 3DGence MEDICAL offers high-dimensional compatibility, as well as the option to adjust the resolution of a layer to 20 microns.

Other key features include:

Working time optimisation

In cases of printing individual impression trays, print time is optimised using the nozzle of a larger diameter.

Maximal precision of output

For applications demanding maximal dimensional compatibility such as demonstration models, dental crowns and bridges, small diameter nozzles are recommended.

3DGence in action

Do you want to see how 3DGence has helped other businesses like yours? Take a look here for a number of relevant case studies.

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