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King of Servers is thrilled to stock a wide range of product from Flashforge, allowing your business to equip itself with the tools it requires to harness the power of 3D printing. This innovative range of solutions help to turn your ideas into fully functioning prototypes with ease and minimal effort.

Our team of 3D printing specialists is on hand to assist with any questions you may have, whether you’re ready to make a purchase or are still pondering which product best suits your needs. Contact us today to find out more.

About FlashForge

FlashForge has emerged as one of the biggest names in the world of 3D printing since its launch in 2011, catering to the requirements of a host of users from home and hobby enthusiasts to designers and engineers. FlashForge 3D printers are also ideal for use in education, so there really is something for everyone in this exciting range.


The speed at which ideas become a reality is just as important as the design itself in the development of new products. But access to rapid in-house prototyping with FlashForge 3D printers to verify and improve designs shrinks time to market, helping to keep new products behind closed doors until launch.

Verify designs

Verification is never easy - and rigorous testing, evaluation and refinement time are the best methods of confirming what works and what doesn’t. Producing functional prototypes with FlashForge 3D printer helps users to make this verification process possible in an efficient and low-cost manner.

Improve designs

The later in the design process that an error is caught, the more it typically costs to correct. Production of functional prototypes with FlashForge 3D printers typical takes from several hours to overnight. This allows you to identify any deficiencies and make improvements early in the design process before they become costly changes in the production process.

Recommended products for design:

  • New Creator Pro 3D Printer
  • Dreamer 3D Printer


With FlashForge 3D printers, architects and engineers can perfect their great concepts by printing 3D designs quickly and accurately at very little cost, from intricate components to large-scale models.

Produce rapid prototypes

Shifting from the 3D digital world to a physical part, rapid prototyping with FlashForge 3D printers helps professionals to skip traditional expensive and time-sensitive machining and molding.

Communicate ideas

Prototyping physical models with FlashForge 3D printers enables clients to gain a deeper insight into great ideas.


FlashForge 3D printers give teachers the opportunity to use 3D objects to illustrate hard-to-grasp concepts to their students, making learning a fun and interactive experience.

Revolutionising the classroom

3D printing can benefit practically every subject within a school curriculum, providing a better way for students who need additional help in grasping a certain topic through the use of tangible representations. It also helps to enhance the study of geography and geology through demonstrating formations on a larger scale.

Preparing pupils for the future

Learning 3D printing skills from an early age does not only help students to see, hold and test their ideas in real space, but it helps them to develop skills that they will be able to hone in their career.

Recommended FlashForge 3D printers for education

  • Finder 3D printer
  • Dreamer 3D printer

Free Software

Happy 3D is a free 3D-modelling software for Windows, Android and iOS to help transform ideas into models. This easy-to-use software supports FlashForge printing, taking design models as inputs and sending the models to a 3D printer.

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