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LEBA Innovation

King of Servers stock a range of storage products from LEBA Innovation, helping schools and businesses kit themselves out with the best possible products to store, charge, protect and sync their electronic devices.

Technology has become a pivotal tool impacting the way both adults and children learn. Whether in the classroom or boardroom, electronic devices now play an essential role in the way people retain information.

But with the increasingly widespread use of tablets and other mobile devices as a learning tool comes the need to store, power and protect these expensive items - and that’s where LEBA Innovation comes in.

Innovation at the heart of the matter

LEBA Innovation takes classroom and boardroom innovation very seriously, with a host of products that will effectively store, charge and protect electronic devices in bulk overnight, or whenever they are needed.

This Danish company has over a decade of research, development and sales excellence under its belt, and has honed the art of creating innovative solutions for customers across Europe.

Flexible and safe storage

Developing its products in collaboration with schools and other educational institutions, LEBA Innovation stands at the forefront of cutting edge technologies. Key products from this innovative brand include:

  • NoteLocker: A static solution for the storage and charging of mobile devices such as laptops, iPads, tablets and mobile phones, which can be placed on the floor or mounted on a wall
  • NoteCart: A mobile solution for the storage and charging of mobile devices. Features high quality lockable castors and push/pull handles, which make movement as easy as possible.
  • NoteCase: A handy storage case for iPads and Android tablets, which has the possibility for charging and syncing. As standard, this product is supplied with built-in NoteCharge or NoteSync, but is also available without the software.
  • NoteSync: Provides synchronisation, charging and maintenance software for iPads and other tablets. This handy device can manage up to 16 USB chargeable devices at the same time.
  • NoteBox: An innovative static solution for the storage, charging and syncing of iPads and other tablets. It can be mounted on classroom walls or desks.
  • Series8: Offers very intelligent charging for up to 8 USB chargeable devices and can comfortably fit in any office, classroom or home environment.

Why King of Servers?

We’re dedicated to going the extra mile to help you get what you need. Here are just some of the things that ought to make us your partner of choice:

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If you have any questions about a product or would like advice or a quotation, get in touch. Either use the Live Help option, call us on 0330 124 1245, or send us a message.

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Why choose King of Servers?

  • - £6 million of physical stock for immediate shipping
  • - Free hardware configurations
  • - Free delivery on orders over £500 
  • - Our Price Match Challenge
  • - All stock ethically sourced and protected by warranty
  • - Superior service, read our reviews