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King of Servers is thrilled to stock a wide variety of NAS, SAN and DAS products from QSAN, a manufacturer of enterprise-class storage systems that offer outstanding performance, secure data protection and comprehensive data management.

QSAN’s main objective is to provide the technology industry with high-quality data storage systems that are simple, secure, scalable and reliable.

Our team of IT experts are on hand today to discuss how your business could reap the rewards offered by QSAN technology. Whether you are in research mode or are ready to make a purchase, we can help. Get in touch with us today!

About QSAN

Founded in 2004, this award-winning innovator specialises in products in the following categories:

  • Surveillance - delivering highly reliable surveillance solutions for midsize to large deployment
  • Backup - keeping your business data highly available
  • Virtualisation - server virtualisation using QSAN storage

Our Solutions


The demand for IP/Network-based video surveillance systems and components is increasing, so much so that it’s expected to surpass the overall global demand for analog video surveillance. The demands lead to higher resolution requirement and the need for bigger storage capacity.

QSAN SAN series can support flexible expansion and integrate both analog and digital IP surveillance smoothly and seamlessly.

Other key specifications include:

  • Flexible expansion and scalability from midsize to large deployment
  • High availability and reliability
  • Direct to iSCSI recording support
  • Advanced data protections


QSAN provides array-based Storage Disaster Recovery solutions that include writeable snapshots with VSS support, volume cloning and remote replication. Other advantages include:

  • Array-based built-in
  • No performance impact
  • Multipath and failover
  • No extra software fee or installation
  • Third-party backup support
  • Fast rollback when viruses attach
  • Reduced risk of hard drive failures
  • Increased application availability
  • Automatic data synchronisation
  • Flexible configurations for different storage plans


Software-based server virtualisation abstracts a single physical device and transforms it into multiple virtual devices. QSAN’s solution is ideal for bridging the gap between physical and virtual storage, making it the perfect technology for businesses looking for this type of product.


Why choose QSAN?

QSAN is a truly innovative brand, offering an alternative to businesses across a variety of sectors when it comes to high-quality, reliable solutions. When IT budgets are consistently stretched, QSAN allows enterprises to enjoy big brand quality at a fraction of the price.

QSAN in action

Want to see how QSAN has innovated other businesses like yours? Click here to view a number of success stories.

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