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Exalt ExtendAir r5005 - wireless bridge

Manufacturer part number (MPN): AIR-XLTC50DA31EK9
Exalt ExtendAir r5005 - Wireless bridge - 5 GHz

We guarantee that our stock is 100% original, European kit with full manufacturer warranty and is smartnet free.

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The ExtendAir all-outdoor 5 GHz systems comprise a complete line of entry-level microwave radios delivering high-end performance, range capability and data networking and security features never before seen in this price category.

  • Native TDM capability
  • High single channel throughput
  • High throughput at any distance
  • Long range at any throughput level
  • 10x to 1000x greater resistance to interference at any throughput level
  • Low TDM and Ethernet latency - as low as 1 ms
  • IP backhaul for wireless ISPs
    ExtendAir's guaranteed throughput and upgradeable capacity provide rock-solid reliability and pay-as-you-grow deployment flexibility.
  • Subscriber access for wireless ISPs
    With guaranteed throughput, high interference resistance, VLAN, QoS and rate limiting, ExtendAir is a perfect option for managing last-hop access and meeting service level agreements.
  • Mobile backhaul
    ExtendAir is a radio that transports TDM natively (no protocol conversion required), delivering the low, constant latency that TDM systems require.
  • P25 and land mobile radio backhaul
    Native TDM systems like ExtendAir can meet the latency requirements of emergency and field communications systems.
  • Campus connectivity
    Support for native TDM ensures toll-quality voice while QoS, VLAN and rate limiting allow network policies to easily extend across the link, while ensuring the quality of latency-sensitive applications such as VoIP and video.
  • Video surveillance backhaul
    ExtendAir's variable throughput symmetry maximizes spectral efficiency in spectrum-limited environments, while collocation ability simplifies dense camera placement challenges and minimizes required equipment.

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