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HP - power supply - hot-plug / redundant - 1200 Watt - 1406 VA

Manufacturer part number (MPN): 500172-b21
HP - Power supply - hot-plug / redundant ( plug-in module ) - 80 PLUS Silver - AC 100-240 V - 1200 Watt - 1406 VA

Product Information

Full Description


HP Common Slot (CS) Power Supplies share a common electrical and physical design that allows for hot-swap, tool-less installation into HP server and storage solutions. CS power supplies are available in multiple high-efficiency input and output options, allowing users to "right-size" a power supply for specific server/storage configurations and environments. This flexibility helps to minimize power waste, lower overall energy costs, and avoid "trapped" power capacity in the data center. A key part of the HP Thermal Discovery Services, CS Power Supplies provide the IT industry's highest level of power efficiency(up to 96%), helping customers to reduce power requirements by up to 60W per server and reducing overall data center power requirements by up to 10% (as compared to ProLiant G6 power estimates). CS Platinum Plus, and Titanium power supplies also enable HP Power Discovery Services which focus on increasing compute density while reducing data center outages.

  • Industry leading power supply technology
  • Industry leading power supply technology
    Titanium level certification by 80Plus program and the EPRI ensures the highest level of power efficiency (up to 96%) in the IT industry. HP Common Slot design simplifies the serviceability and maintenance of power supplies across the HP portfolio of server and storage products. Multiple input and output options ensures maximum flexibility in usage while minimizing the chances of creating "trapped" power capacity in the data center. Multiple power management options help maximize power efficiency when using redundant power supplies. Enables HP Power Discovery Services that helps customers reduce human error during the installation process, reclaim over-provisioned power capacity in the data center, and accurately measure/monitor power usage.
Full Specification
Device Type Power supply - hot-plug / redundant - plug-in module
Power Device
Input Voltage AC 100-240 V
Frequency Required 50/60 Hz
Output Voltage 12 V
Power Capacity 1200 Watt / 1406 VA
Efficiency 85%+
80 PLUS Certification 80 PLUS Silver
Compatibility Information
Designed For HPE BLc3000 Enclosure ¦ HPE ProLiant DL2x170h G6 (1200 Watt), DL360 G6 (1200 Watt), DL360 G6 Base (1200 Watt), DL360 G6 Efficiency (1200 Watt), DL360 G6 Entry (1200 Watt), DL360 G6 Performance (1200 Watt), DL360 G7, DL360 G7 Base, DL360 G7 Central Management Server, DL360 G7 Efficiency, DL360 G7 Entry, DL360 G7 Performance, DL360 G7 Special Server (1200 Watt), DL370 G6 (1200 Watt), DL370 G6 Base, DL370 G6 High Performance, DL370 G6 Performance (1200 Watt), DL370 G6 Special Server (1200 Watt), DL380 G6 (1200 Watt), DL380 G6 Base (1200 Watt), DL380 G6 Entry (1200 Watt), DL380 G6 High Efficiency (1200 Watt), DL380 G6 Performance (1200 Watt), DL385 G5p (1200 Watt), DL385 G5p Base (1200 Watt), DL385 G5p Entry (1200 Watt), DL385 G5p High Performance (1200 Watt), DL385 G6 (1200 Watt), DL385 G6 Base (1200 Watt), DL385 G6 Entry (1200 Watt), DL385 G6 High Performance (1200 Watt), DL4x170h G6 (1200 Watt), DL580 G7, DL580 G7 Base, DL580 G7 High Performance, DL585 G7, DL585 G7 Base, DL585 G7 Performance, DL785 G6 (1200 Watt), DL785 G6 Base (1200 Watt), DL785 G6 Performance (1200 Watt), ML350 G6 (1200 Watt), ML350 G6 Base (1200 Watt), ML350 G6 Entry (1200 Watt), ML350 G6 Performance (1200 Watt), ML370 G6 (1200 Watt), ML370 G6 Base (1200 Watt), ML370 G6 Entry (1200 Watt), ML370 G6 Special Server, SL160s G6 (1200 Watt), SL160z G6 (1200 Watt), SL165s G7, SL165z G6 (1200 Watt), SL165z G7 (1200 Watt), SL170z G6 (1200 Watt), SL2x170z G6 (1200 Watt)

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