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HP ProCurve Mobility Manager ( v. 1.0 ) - licence and media

Manufacturer part number (MPN): J8990A
HP ProCurve Mobility Manager - ( v. 1.0 ) - licence and media - 1 user - Win
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Command from the center. Control to the edge.

  • Device mapping;
  • CLI wizards;
  • Easy remote device setup;
  • Event-driven policies;
  • Holistic network health dashboard;
  • Device discovery and polling;
  • Basic one-to-one WLAN device management;
  • Group-based management;
  • Scheduled firmware and configuration updates;
  • Customizable alerts;
  • Firmware & configuration mis-match detect and update;
  • Basic RF Management tools;
  • Detailed device configuration;
  • Basic Rogue device detection.
  • Site plan
    Simplifies planning a wireless LAN deployment by displaying a graphical representation of the desired coverage area. Import floor plans, and identify physical dimensions and obstacles such as external and internal walls and their RF properties.
  • Wireless device planner report
    Reduces the time it takes to install a wireless LAN by providing a detailed, accurate Bill of Materials report, which includes a list of devices, their required x and y coordinates, and physical orientation within the floor plan. Network designers can easily add design notes, device configuration, and other installation instructions as part of the report, all helping to reduce the cost of installation.
  • Single-screen wireless LAN dashboard
    Provides charting of wireless network statistics for a single device or a user-defined group of HP access points and radio ports. Mobility Manager collects and displays up to an hour of historical network statistics, including status of discovered infrastructure, wireless client associations, network traffic type, bandwidth utilization, and traffic errors.
  • Site view
    Using site plans stored or imported into Mobility Manager, the site view function simplifies monitoring and troubleshooting by displaying wireless network coverage, physical location and activity of wireless clients, and both managed and unmanaged (possible rogue access points) wireless devices operating within the wireless network. More network detail is readily available by simply clicking on a client or access point icon for information such as MAC and IP address, client association status, signal strength, and wireless security settings.
  • Reporting tools
    Includes wireless diagnostic and network activity reporting capabilities to troubleshoot or analyze client activity and infrastructure performance, in addition to reports available as part of Manager Plus. Network administrators can quickly build customized reports, at a device or group level, by choosing from a comprehensive list of device, radio, or network parameters to generate reports such as client connectivity history or bandwidth utilization.

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