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IT Security

Organisations are facing unprecedented challenges to ensure stringent security measures are in place to protect themselves from devastating security breaches. Unfortunately, many businesses simply do not invest in appropriate measures to insulate themselves from disastrous breaches of security.

If this sounds like your organisation, then do not delay. Call the team at King of Servers today on 0330 124 1245 or use our contact form to get the help you need.

Cybercrime Challenges

With cybercrime costing the UK economy £10.9 billion between 2015 and 2016, you urgently need to protect your business from potential cyber threats. Security threats to your business come in many different guises and the knowledgeable team at King of Servers is here to help and guide your organisation around this complex issue.

This year, organisations face more challenges than ever. Cyber-attacks and complex compliance issues, such as GDPR, create wide ranging problems for businesses across the UK. Thankfully, the team at King of Servers is here to help.


WannaCry, the ransomware program used in the global cyber-attack on the 12th of May 2017

WannaCry Infected thousands of computers around the world and crippled the NHS

Find out how we can help you tackle devastating ransomware issues by contacting us.


The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force in May 2018 and will have far-reaching consequences on how business manage their data.

Find out how we can help you avoid expensive fines by contacting us.

Get Help Today

King of Servers constantly monitors the very latest cyber security issues to ensure we can offer you the very best service. However, if you have a unique requirement or want something that has not been listed on this page, please do get in contact with us, as we’re flexible in our approach and firmly believe in offering all of our clients a personalised service.

We work with a range of businesses just like yours across many different sectors. Our security team comprises of security professionals that have been in the industry for over 20 years. Do not delay in getting in touch with the team at King of Servers.

Call us on 0330 124 1245 or use our contact form to get things started.

Our Services

Our team at King of Servers offers comprehensive security that address the major risks and legislative requirements faced by businesses just like yours.

Cyber Security Solutions

King of Servers can help protect your organisation from problems relating to viruses, malware, phishing, email threats and ransomware.

Network Security and Protection

The team at King of Servers can help you make sure your network is protected from outside attack and ensure that only the devices you approve can access your networks. We can also help with application load balancing, web application firewalls, network access and control, and next-generation UTM firewalls.

Identity and Access Management

We can help you make sure that you control who has access to what, when they have access, and how long they have access for. King of Servers can help with identity asset management, two-factor authentication and identity and access management.

Audit and Compliance

The team at King of Servers can help you with security incident and event management, threat detection and response, and security compliance and auditing.

eSignature Solutions

We specialise in distributing eSignature solutions that allow your organisation to account for who signs what at any given time.


Why Choose King of Servers as your security partner?

Many claim to be security experts. Many claim to hold accreditations and partnerships. Only King of Servers can offer comprehensive security for your organisation.

  • Comprehensive security knowledge, gained over decades
  • Consultancy service to advise, educate and improve your cybersecurity
  • Partnerships with some of the best security solution providers
  • Competitive pricing
  • The very best service, read our reviews