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Centrify Solutions

What is it?

Centrify Solutions Protect Against Cyber Attacks and Data Breach

Built on the next generation enterprise security platform to protect against the leading point of cyber-attacks and data breach compromised credentials.

The Centrify Identity Platform is a next-generation enterprise identity platform purpose-built to protect both end-user and privileged user identities. It unifies identity to minimize the attack surface, control access and gain visibility across today’s hybrid IT world of cloud, mobile and data center. A single, integrated Identity Platform also enables enterprises to avoid the higher costs and potential security gaps associated with procuring, integrating and deploying disparate identity solutions designed for just one silo of users or resources. Centrify’s identity products Identity Service, Privilege Service and Server Suite — are built on top of the Centrify Identity Platform, allowing enterprises to take advantage of a number of shared identity services, including adaptive MFA.

Why do I need it?

Applications and the sensitive data within them are everywhere today. Cloud apps have quickly made their way into the enterprise, but traditional on-premises apps are still critical to many businesses as well. In both cases, access is the primary concern for users, and often for IT. But often making apps available to onsite, remote, and mobile employees can introduce security risks.

Passwords alone are not enough to verify a user’s identity and protect businesses from data loss, fraud and malicious attacks. Login credentials are more valuable than ever, as companies adopt more cloud applications, services and infrastructure. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) makes it harder for attackers to get in. Centrify’s MFA capabilities provide additional layers of security, and helps protect organizations against the leading cause of data breaches compromised credentials with minimal impact to users.

What problems does it solve?

The modern enterprise is a blended on-premises and cloud infrastructure, including Infrastructure-as-a-Service environments, with an increasing reliance on outsourced IT. This exposes a greater attack surface, increasing the risk of a data breach. Because the risk of compromised credentials is the single greatest threat to your infrastructure, a new approach to privileged identity management is required an approach aligned with the realities of the modern enterprise.

Benefits of Unified Privileged Identity Management

  • Secure privileged access to the hybrid enterprise
  • Privileged users are no longer entirely inside the perimeter, nor is your infrastructure. Consistently control access to hybrid infrastructure for both on-premises and remote users
  • Reduce complexity with an integrated solution
  • Control access to infrastructure and privileges, enforce individual accountability where you can, share privileged accounts where you must — and audit across both.
  • Comprehensive access control compliance

Leverage a single source for internal auditors to prove access controls are in place and working across individual and shared administrative accounts.

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