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What is it?

CipherCloud, the leader in cloud security and governance, enables companies to adopt the cloud while ensuring data protection, compliance and control. CipherCloud delivers a comprehensive multi-cloud security platform that integrates advanced data protection, adaptive policy controls, monitoring, cloud risk analysis.

CipherCloud puts you back in charge, giving you clear insight into cloud activity, while letting you take action to enforce your policies and never losing control of your most important assets – your data.

Why do I need it?

The cloud is here to stay and few businesses can be competitive without it, but when sensitive data leaves your business you face a loss of visibility and control. Mistakes are made, breaches happen, and if your data gets in the wrong hands, the results can be catastrophic.

What problems does it solve?

The cloud is inevitable, and your sensitive data will almost certainly go into cloud applications or is already there. CipherCloud gives you the visibility and control to combat today’s threats, from Shadow IT, and user accidents, to malicious insiders, resourceful hackers, account hijacking, legal subpoenas and unwanted surveillance.

The CipherCloud Platform gives you a clear view into what clouds are in use, where your data is going, and where security problems may lurk. We monitor and rate over 15,000 cloud applications and our intuitive drill-down dashboard lets you identify all clouds and block risky apps. Continuous monitoring of end-user and privileged user activity helps you maintain compliance while machine learning can spot anomalies that can indicate new threats.

The purpose of a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) solution is to put you back in control of your business-critical cloud applications. CipherCloud is a true security company, and we provide a complete CASB solution that takes action to eliminate threats and protect your data. As the pioneers in cloud encryption and tokenization, we deliver a complete enterprise solution providing extensive visibility, adaptive policy controls, and unrivaled data protection.

Why Choose King of Servers as your security partner?

Many claim to be security experts. Many claim to hold accreditations and partnerships. Only King of Servers can offer comprehensive security for your organisation.

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