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Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard Edition - upgrade licence

Manufacturer part number (MPN): TA725A
Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2008 Standard Edition - Upgrade licence
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Storage management can be intimidating if you don't have the training or expertise, with things like RAID, LUN creation, and iSCSI requiring a broad knowledgebase. Then you have to figure out the best way to provision disks for the best performance and availability for file share, email, or database storage and logs. Now you've got a headache. HP X1000 Automated Storage Manager Software radically simplifies the creation, migration, growth, and protection of data stores by hiding complexity and presenting shared storage from an application point-of-view. Included with all HP X1000 series Network Storage Systems, the software is designed for those with little or no storage expertise and includes tools to easily migrate and manage data using automated best practice logic. Wizards and tools that require only a few mouse clicks to expertly set up and protect data storage make the move to networked storage a quick and painless experience.

  • Breakthrough Simplicity
  • Do More in Less Time
  • Powerful Storage Management Tools
  • Seamless Software/Services Integration
  • Breakthrough Simplicity
    Requires no special training and makes any IT generalist look like a storage pro-in fact, it's like having a storage expert in the box. Provides management of file shares (NAS), application storage (iSCSI Target), and data protection. Presents shared storage in application-centric terms and uses terms and functions familiar to application administrators. If you've already created file shares using Microsoft's management tools, All-in-One Storage Manager will discover and manage them (including snapshot scheduling).
  • Do More in Less Time
    Configure existing volumes or raw storage for file shares and/or application storage in just a few mouse clicks. Be up and running in minutes instead of hours. Manage capacity, security, quotas, alerts, data protection, replication, and more from one interface. Integration of snapshot, backup, and replication options in setup wizards for file shares and application stores makes configuring data protection a breeze.
  • Powerful Storage Management Tools
    Create SMB/CIFS and/or NFS file shares on an existing logical drive or on raw unpartitioned disks. Either way, disk-based scheduled snapshots are included by default. Tight integration with Microsoft Exchange (2003/2007) and SQL Server (2000/2005/2008) enables optimal storage setup and data migration without needing to know industry-established best practices. Manage and provision iSCSI storage for standards-compliant non-Windows iSCSI initiators such as VMWare and Linux. Capture disk-based application-aware snapshots of data for easy roll-back, backup to disk, tape, or other removable media with Data Protector Express Software integration, and replicate data on a scheduled basis to another system using HP Storage Mirroring Software integration. Be notified automatically of pending problems or actual issues, via email or page. Monitor capacity and set alerts to manage growth.
  • Seamless Software/Services Integration
    Now included with all HP X1000 series Network Storage Systems. Adds block storage capability and enables "Host an Exchange Storage Group" and "Host a SQL Server Database" wizards plus provisioning and management for non-Windows iSCSI initiators such as VMWare and Linux. Optional for HP X1000 series Network Storage Systems (BB117BA). Adds data protection features to HP ASM including automated backup of file shares or application stores to tape, disk, or other removable media target using application-aware snapshots. Optional for HP X1000 series Network Storage Systems. Enables replication features within HP ASM including streamlined setup of near-real-time automated replication of file shares or application stores to a remote target. Contact your authorized HP reseller or follow online links to purchase software options.

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