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Is the age of the unappreciated IT professional over… or do end users just not have a clue?

OK, poll time. How many of you feel that when you have a conversation about your work with a colleague outside of the IT department that you are well understood?

Not many of you? Well, the chances are you’re mistaken, and if you spoke to someone in a different function within your business about your work they’d be likely to understand exactly what you’re talking about.

That, at least, is according to a recent survey we carried out.

According to our research, 66% of respondents reckon they have between an ‘average’ and ‘great’ understanding of the work carried out by IT professionals on a daily basis.

Here’s another question: how many of you think that the guy sat over there in the marketing team is currently daydreaming, thinking: “Wow, I really appreciate the IT department. I’m so pleased they’re here, helping to keep the company running.”?

Again not many hands. But you’re wrong again - our study shows 80% of the UK workforce say that they think IT professionals are either ‘quite important’ or ‘extremely important’ to the successful running of a business overall, while 77% think IT pros are ‘quite important’ or ‘extremely important’ to their own day-to-day work.

Alright, final question: if your colleagues were asked to think of five words to describe you, what do you think they would be?

Well, we have the answer - and it’s overwhelmingly positive. The most popular choices were:

  • Technical
  • Clever
  • Helpful
  • Professional
  • Logical

We find all this particularly interesting, because it goes against how we know a lot of IT professionals feel at work.

In our many years of experience working in this industry, we have found most IT professionals to believe they are generally unappreciated, misunderstood and simply there to take the flak when things go wrong. When, in reality, they are on the front line of every business, working unsociable hours, constantly innovating, learning and keeping business-critical systems up and running.

How do you feel about our statistics? Do they paint an accurate picture of how you feel at work? Do your colleagues understand you and your work, and appreciate the good it does for the company?

Leave us a comment and let us know.

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