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Dell Performance Analysis Collection Kit (Live Optics)

IT departments can often lack the data required to make informed purchasing decisions, which can lead to overspending. This lack of information poses a challenge, as IT departments struggle to understand future resource allocation. And, as data centres move business resources towards a converged or cloud solution, this is likely to continue. 

King of Servers is pleased to announce we’re now offering Dell’s secure, free-of-charge LiveOptics solution, giving IT departments across a broad range of industries the chance to analyse key metrics and ultimately make informed purchase decisions.

We’re so much more than a box-shifting business, and our consultative approach means we are dedicated to helping our customers have all the information they required to find the right tech solutions for them. 

Our knowledgeable team are on hand to offer advice and guidance throughout the process, and will happily help each step of the way. Get in touch today for your free consultation.  

What is LiveOptics?

Live Optics is a tool that allows users to record, visualise and collaborate with others to enable data-driven decisions. It gives users the ability to fully analyse current usage statistics through the installation of a single, small piece of software designed to run for a 24-hour period to measure key metrics. 

With Live Optics, users can easily and accurately discover insight for: 

  • Central process unit
  • Networking
  • Memory
  • Storage capacity
  • Storage input/output

It is also possible to: 

  • Document showback or chargeback utilisation to business units
  • Map previous-generation hardware to modern platforms
  • Provide clear insight to workloads during a support case
  • Create simulations, combining workloads to a converged environment or cloud 

Find out more about this free solution by taking a look at this whitepaper, which goes into detail about how Live Optics provides the visibility you need for informed decision making. Click here to view.

You can find out even more about Live Optics and view a sample output by clicking here. 

How does it work?

Live Optic's Collector streams performance data to the Online Analytics Engine that crunches and blends workload characteristics from popular operating systems and virtualisation environments. Businesses are then delivered this data in an easy-to-understand summary that allows accurate decisions to be made. 

We have gone into more detail about these stages below.

1. Collect

The first step to using Live Optic's collector to begin a point-in-time capture of one or more server activities. The collector supports remotely recording multiple servers from a number of different platforms for between four hours and seven days.

The Collector is agentless, and runs only in memory, while making no modifications to servers while it gathers data with near zero overheads while using common administrative protocols that generally require no change control or firewall modifications.

2. View

At this point, the data is then streamed or uploaded and can be visually explored in near real-time by accessing the online Viewer, which is an HTML5 navigation console that supports phone, tablet or browser, allowing quick access to the graphs and calculations supplied by the Live Optics analytics engine. 

3. Collaborate

The majority of businesses will make decisions in teams, or in coordination with manufacturers or their partners. The Viewer platform allows the secure sharing of performance insight between those involved in a decision cycle, or helping to resolve a support case (as long as they have access to a Live Optics account). 

What to do now

Your Security Matters

Live Optics is a completely secure solution and will not compromise security or infrastructure performance. A Dell expert within King of Servers will be available to offer full support from the initial consultation through to the collaboration stage.

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